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At Water Forest Press, publishing doesn't have to be a complicated or confusing experience.  We'll guide you through the process of publishing your book, one step at a time. You provide the contents. You may include camera ready photos or art of your choice, as long as it meets publishing requirements--but you don't have to. We'll design a striking color cover, (yes readers DO judge a book by its cover).  We'll professionally format your book which includes a copyright page, dedication page, acknowledgment page, table of contents, author biography.  You, as the author, will have your personal photo placed on the exterior back cover, along with a few lines of text that will introduce you to your audience. We may also include reviews on the back cover. Readers will zero in on your eye-catching cover, flip through the pages that you have written, and when they turn your book over, you'll be right there, ready to greet them. They will "meet the author" who is about to dazzle them with his or her literary creation. 


As you explore the website of Water Forest Press, you will read more about our publication process.  Everything you need to know about publishing a book with us will be clearly outlined. We have 10 years of hands on publishing experience behind us. To find out if we are right for you--and if you are right for us, Read more....



Meet the crew behind the flow of Water Forest Press



Publisher: Victoria Valentine, Publishing since 2001.    Interviews


A writer and publisher, Victoria spends most of her time in front of her computers, tearing her hair out, juggling schedules and deadlines. She's learned a lot of things, organization not being one of them! Otherwise she would be able to show you her newspaper interview clippings and book reading and signing photos that crashed with her old computer. She's written several novels, publishing: At The Stroke Of Midnight, 24 Tales Of Terror, and an alternative rock CD for which she wrote lyrics. The NY band, The Unintended, scored the music and performed the songs. Since 2001, Victoria has been publishing magazines that are archived in the New York Public Library, colleges and in other locations. Her publications have been carried by Books A Million and other stores. Publishing is her passion.  Along with magazines, books are now on her list of things to do.  "I do what I love, I love what I do. Publishing is my passion--and I do it well!"   References

Victoria Valentine website




Water Forest Editor & Designer


Although Phae Valentine has a degree in Criminal Justice, she is now embarking upon a career in the cosmetology industry. Go figure! A crime-bustin' hairdressin' editor?  She's a dancer who enjoys fine arts and literature, movies, theatre and most of all....shopping in NYC!  Phae is into fashion and designer makeup--and Water Forest Press!  We know she'll be back in some other school within 6 months..........  

Phae reads, edits and is responsible for book design and layout.  "Walking in mom's footsteps!"  :-)

UPDATE:  latest venture is the medical field.  Looks like MRI and CT tech is next in line !


Water Forest Artists


Graphic Artist, Pamela DelliColli  ~ home page "water forest" art.


Pamela Delli Colli

Pamela was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1958.  She moved to the New Hampshire, USA in 1999.  In addition to being an Educator she has been working in the field of Graphic Design and Fantasy Art since 2002.



Illustrator, Angela Rizza

Angela Rizza currently lives in NY and will be attending the Fashion Institute of Technology where she will major in illustration. She was voted most artistic in her graduating class and was art editor of her school magazine, Drumbeat, for three years. Her favorite medium to use are ball point pens and she enjoys drawing intricate details and adding lots of texture. Her favorite subjects are reptiles, aquatic life, birds, and medical studies.


Artist, Amanda R. Tucker ~ mission page "scenic lake" art.

Amanda R. Tucker was born into a highly creative family in a small town in Texas, so it was really only natural that she would inherit the passion for creating.Growing up, her beloved grandfather was her first inspiration, for he did many sculptures out of metal. As a child, Amanda would sit and stare at the little worlds that her grandfather would make out of metal, and her imagination would run wild. Amanda paints and sculpts to express her heart and soul. It gives her such joy to able to inspire people with her art.




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